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Brett Stapper. Brett is the co-founder of Falcon Global Capital, LLC. Brett is a serial entrepreneur who has a strong passion for the future of technology and innovation which lead to him becoming an investor in Bitcoin in mid 2013. He began his career at an age of 16 when he started his first company and has founded multiple businesses in the marketing, advertising and public relations ... Stapper ran several companies before throwing his hat into the Bitcoin ring by co-founding Falcon Global Capital. The company functions like a Bitcoin investment Falcon Global Capital's bitcoin fund has ceased, but it's all part of the plan, according to CEO Brett Stapper. Brett Stapper Source: Falcon Global Capital. A bitcoin investment fund by the name of Falcon Global Capital is looking to buy bitcoin from the FBI — 27,000 BTC, in fact. The bitcoins are those seized from the Silk Road bust late last year, and are worth just under $15 million at the present exchange rate. Brett Stapper, the co-founder of Bitcoin investment fund Falcon Global Capital, ... (with every piece of good news), so it is hard to put a value on the bubble or the correction – whichever it ...

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If Bitcoin Is Going To $100,000 – Where Are The New Buyers?

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