Upcoming Bitcoin Cash's Halving Will Affect Its Network ...

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Jonathan Toomim says the markets are dumb. Jonathan Toomim who is the Bitcoin Cash developer talks about the fact whether the Bitcoin Cash halving has been priced in or not. He says that only an idiot would predict the price movements of cryptocurrency and says that the markets are dumb: “If the markets were rational, they would have already priced in the halving,” he says. “However, the ... TL;DR: Developer Jonathan Toomim posted video demonstration of his project involving a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) stress test, showing what kind of transaction throughput is possible. Using the stock code available, he ran it on a fairly standard desktop computer. While preliminary, the results are promising, as Toomin revealed 3,000 transactions per second in about 8 minutes. Jonathan Toomim - Bitcoin Dev 7 points · 17 hours ago Well he has received more than 2.5 k in Tips I received two $2.5k tips in the last 24 hours (one via chaintip), both of which were after my reddit comment that JonathanSilverblood's tweet referenced. Additionally, a 3,000-transactions-per-second stress test was successfully conducted by BCH developer Jonathan Toomim. To get yourself a free wallet that supports all SLP tokens, as well as BCH ... In a post on the Reddit forum r/ethereum called “ELI5: What Is ProgPoW?” the independent programmer and miner Jonathan Toomim explained what ProgPoW is and how it relates to the Ethereum network.

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Bitcoin Cash Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm Development meeting #3: Follow up of DAA meeting number 2: Discuss progress on development, implementation and specification. August 3rd, 2020, 19:00 ... Toomim Bros. Bitcoin Mining Concern 16,551 views. 7:43. Mining Bitcoin with SOLAR POWER in 2017! - Duration: 7:00. TechCashHouse - Best Bitcoin, Stock News 67,945 views. 7:00. Spring Cleaning at ... Bitcoin Cash Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm Development Meeting; discuss progress in developing, reviewing and implementing a new BCH DAA in the different implementations. July 27th 2020, 19:00 ... Bitcoin ABC developers Amaury Sechet, Shammah Chancellor, Jason B. Cox and Antony Zegers are joined by Chris Pacia, Jonathan Toomim, Juan Garavaglia and Guillermo Paoletti to discuss Canonical ... Heute sprechen wir über folgende Themen: Bitcoin-ETP startet auf XETRA, Bitcoins beliebtes Stock-to-Flow-Modell angeblich nichts als heiße Luft & Bitcoin Diebstahl kein Verbrechen in Russland. 1.)